by ejfaulkner93

Here I am again, another shift is complete at the bar and another burger in my belly.. also chicken breast and vegies which I prepared earlier..although it won’t be in there long. Today I decided I needed to force myself to get off my arse an exercise. A few weeks ago you could see my abs but I fell off the exercise bandwagon in a really bad way for the first time in a long while. Exercise is so important to me as I have no self control and a horrid diet. If I don’t exercise I am one unhappy girl and lately I’m getting super fat. I forced myself into the car and spent an hour at the gym then took advantage of the great weather to run 5k.
Immediately afterwards I was reminded why I like exercising. . It makes everything seem less of a problem.
Here is another little kinda big thing about me that I haven’t mentioned; Last year I won the championship title in my weight division for amateur boxing. I have mixed feelings about my boxing. People tend to define me by it and I hate that as I don’t feel worthy of the respect it brings. People don’t know about my secret bulimic life and the life I lead that does not give me the opportunity to dedicate myself to my training and health as I should.
It’s the only thing in my life that makes me interesting though and I guess I should be grateful.

Anyway I will check back in tomorrow or maybe the next day.. adios.