Just another day.

by ejfaulkner93

I woke up and scrounged any food I could find out of my cupboards/fridge and ended up with a ginormous serving of rice, fish and vegetables (I’m talkin’ three plates full). This ended up in the loo and my only venture out of the house was to stock up that toilet bowl.
I consumed:
– 300g packet of lollies
– 400g tempura chicken crackles
– 375g packet of white cooking chocolate buttons (cheaper than normal chocolate)
– 600g box of crunchy nut (yes. The entire box)
– packet of white wings jam and cream shortbread cookies
– 2 litres of homebrand ice cream
– box of chicken drumsticks

This is actually small compared to my usual intake as of late.

I am now enjoying a glass or two of red wine and contemplating what the hell is wrong with me.

It’s bed time now,
Goodnight xxx