Fish, fish and more fish.

by ejfaulkner93

Today I am crazy sore. My groin is pulled to the extreme from running both today and saturday after a long break.
I had boxing training tonight also and I cannot recall feeling this unfit in a long time.
I know it’s because this past month I fell backwards hard and gave into too many binge sessions and gave up on exercise.
I need to force myself back into it.
So despite no “junk” binges today I still binged.
Brocolli, beans, onion, pumpkin, capsicum, asparagus, carrot and four HUGE fillets of fish is what I had for dinner. Massive serves of vegetables by the way and it took several helpings which I went out of my way to cook up more after I had already eaten.
Tried to purge here and there and I still have more to get out.
I almost gave up and drove to the supermarket to get chocolate after watching Masterchef but I didnt. (Woo go me!)

I can’t help that I’m hungry.