Searching for satisfaction

by ejfaulkner93

I had yet another emotional day in regards to my relationship. I had an argument with my partner over something petty and felt stricken with grief and again questioning if I want to be with him. I mustered up the courage to ask a serious question that I was unsure if I wanted an answer to. I asked him if he felt he was happier when we weren’t together. He said that he doesn’t know when he has ever felt happy.

He said I need to stop trying to make him happy and focus on making myself happy. He needs to sort himself out and its nothing that I can fix.

I know this is true but I sometimes wonder if my presence in his life is causing more sorrow.

As I write this I am still hungry but as my purpose is to log, that’s what I shall do. I cant guarantee there wont be more food after this.

  • half serve of lasagne
  • cheese and vegemite croissant scroll
  • lemon meringue donut
  • Ham salad wrap
  • Hedgehog slice
  • 1 banana
  • piece of choc walnut slice
  • chicken breast
  • medium thin crust homemade chicken gourmet pizza
  • ham and cheese sandwich

I definitely felt as if I went overboard with my intake today. But on a positive note I can see some changes in my body fat and felt a slight bit happier with my appearance today. Also I have apparently dropped a kilo but I don’t rely too heavily on the scales as I fluctuate so much anyway.