My traits and personality.

Once upon a time I was a lovely, happy and bubbly child.
Put a book in my hands and I would disappear for hours on end.
But unfortunately for me I was raised in a non-active, junk eating family (sorry for my blunt attitude) and at the age of fourteen I had reached 97kg.

No teenage girl wants to be fat.. in fact NO female wants to be fat and I was lumbering awfully close to one hundred kilos!
This was the point when I discovered my ability to manipulate my stomach muscles without the need to forcefully stick fingers where they don’t belong to purge.


This discovery led a hopeful yet secretive year for me. I dropped 40 kilos and ‘wowed’ many people.

That was a while ago now and the honeymoon is over. My weight fluctuates ridiculously and my attitude is turning sour.
I have never been happy with my body and I haven’t had a great perception of my personality but these days anxiety takes over and I become an angry woman.

Food is honestly my number one priority.. it gets in the way of friends, family and work. I am in debt due to ridiculous daily splurges and I cant seem to stop!

I am beginning to ramble so I am going to stop here and compose myself. Oh and take a quick purge.. typical.